Don Rey All american  — Mexican and Breakfast Restaurant  in Houston,TX
Don Rey All American $6.99
Scrambled eggs, two pancakes, hash brown, and bacon.
Machacado Norteño $5.99
Two large eggs mixed with dried beef. Accompanied with a side of jalapeño, tomato, and onion.
Served with refried beans, potatoes, and tortillas.

Chilaquiles $3.99
Fried corn tortilla chips topped with melted or fresh cheese, smothered with your choice of either
red, green, or chipotle sauce. W/Fajita $7.69
Migas con Huevos $3.99
Soft or hard tortilla chips scrambled with eggs. Served with a side of refried beans. W/Fajita$7.69

Desayuno Centro Americano/ Central American Style Breakfast $6.99
Eggs of your choice served with fried plantain, fresh cheese, refried beans,
and sour cream.
Sopes  — Mexican and Breakfast Restaurant  in Houston,TX
Sopes (2) $7.39
Fried dough with your choice of meat and accompanied with charro beans. Served with toppings
of salsa, cilantro, sour cream, and fresh cheese.

Huevos Motuleños $4.99
Two tostadas with eggs sunny side up. Served with toppings of refried beans, pico de gallo,
salsa, cheese, avocado and ham.
Huevos Divorciados  — Mexican and Breakfast Restaurant  in Houston,TX
Huevos Divorciados $7.39
Two eggs sunny side up. One egg smothered with green sauce and the other with red sauce.
Served with strips of grilled fajitas, refried beans, and tortillas.

Entomatadas $7.39
Three tortillas smothered with tomato sauce, topped with fresh cheese, and a piece of grilled
fajita on the side.